Principles To Be Followed In Background Checks

When companies conduct background investigations on new employees, they generally choose two ways. The first is to conduct an independent background investigation by HR, and the second is to conduct a site investigation background investigation by a third-party background investigation agency. Certain industry principles and privacy principles need to be followed. So, what are the principles that a background check should follow?


1. Background check candidate authorization comes first.

The first principle that enterprises need to observe during background investigation is to obtain the authorization documents of the background investigation candidates. Only the officially authorized background investigation is compliant and legal, and it is protected by law. If the authorization is not obtained The book will rashly conduct a background check, which is likely to bring unnecessary troubles and disputes to the company.


2. The content of the background check cannot be easily leaked.

Secondly, on the premise of signing the authorization consent form for the background investigation, the company cannot easily leak the details learned during the background investigation. Enterprises also need to keep or destroy background investigation reports confidentially, and information cannot be leaked.


3. Sign a cooperation agreement with a third-party background check agency.

Thirdly, when an enterprise cooperates with a third-party background investigation agency, it also needs to sign a cooperation agreement, and the agreement should clearly stipulate all the background investigation service items provided by the third-party agency, and the third-party agency also needs to sign a cooperation agreement with the enterprise. A non-disclosure agreement to ensure that the content of the background check will not be leaked from the third-party background check agency.

The principles that enterprises should follow in background investigation are roughly divided into the above points. Before conducting background investigation, enterprises should not only formulate a detailed plan, but also consider the above principles, so as to ensure that the background investigation is professional and orderly. carried out.