These 12 Little Things Coffee Drinkers Will Love

Although I love coffee, I am not a coffee elitist. 30, 40 dollars Starbucks can drink, and a few cups of instant coffee can also drink. The money I spend on coffee starts at 800 dollars per month, but my reason does not allow me to buy a fully automatic espresso machine for 4500 dollars…

For me, the fun of drinking coffee is not to build equipment, nor to label myself as a “coffee drinker” and “a person who understands coffee”, but to add one more element to the increasingly repetitive and peaceful life that can be continuously poured into. The object of passion – yes, as with drinking, if you happen to read the article “12 Ways of Being an Adult.”

When people reach middle age, they can more and more understand the joy of giving itself, and the rarity of giving objects. I would also like to thank the emergence of coffee.

Today’s article brings you 12 good things related to coffee. The selection tries to avoid the common pour-over pots and coffee cups, and try to provide solutions for some more niche coffee needs, I hope you like it.

I have been to countless coffee accessories shop, but I have never noticed where the barista dumped the used coffee grounds, and I have never thought about whether I need a special coffee grounds storage machine if I buy a coffee machine at home. equipment.

It wasn’t until I saw this one from CAFEDE KONA that I decided I needed it.

The biggest function of this storage box is actually powder pressing. The special handle bracket ensures the stability of the handle when pressing powder to the greatest extent, and is convenient for pressing powder evenly.

In addition, there are two powder press brackets and a storage box for knocking the powder residue. The built-in design is easy to take when cleaning the powder residue, and the stainless steel material is also labor-saving for cleaning.

The combination of walnut and black stainless steel makes this pressed powder box very touching, and its appearance is worthy of most coffee machines on the market.

Strictly speaking, the cup holder is a typical dispensable existence. Most strainers, even the tapered ones that seem to require a strainer holder, can be used directly on the sharing pot.

But making pour-over coffee isn’t just for refreshing. The main material of Thai teak is matched with a retractable bracket. Yanyin’s filter cup holder really adds a sense of ritual to the hand-washing process.

This cup holder is adjustable in two heights and fits sharing pots up to 15cm tall. The maximum diameter of the round hole for the filter bowl is 11cm, which can be used with Yanyin’s own TSUBAME series filter bowl. If you want to use the existing filter bowl, except the tapered type, it is best to confirm the size before purchasing.

Because it can be folded and stored, this one is also very suitable for camping, and the temperament of teak is also very suitable for the outdoors.

Speaking of filter cups, if you have a hobby of collecting filter cups like me, this filter paper fan should be able to arouse your interest.

It is said to be a filter paper fan, but it is actually a stainless steel hanging ear. The biggest advantage is that the filter paper is omitted, which is not only more environmentally friendly, but also does not require a filter cup, which can be washed after use.

The 600-mesh filter can be basically free of residue, and according to the store, the coffee liquid after brewing will have a slight turbidity, which can fully retain the oil of the coffee, not only the aroma is strong, but also the body and sweetness are very high.

It should be noted that the metal material cannot be bent, and it is difficult to return to the original shape after bending, so in order to ensure the use effect, it is best not to bend and store.

When coffee lovers develop to a certain stage, they will be more or less interested in manual espresso machines. Enthusiasts here include James Hoffmann, author of The Coffee Map of the World, and myself, who doesn’t even have a regular espresso machine.

For me, pour-over coffee is great, but some sensory experiences can only be mobilized and satisfied by a rich espresso.

This Cafflano is a good starting point. The extraction power is increased by hydraulic compression, which can produce a consistent high pressure of more than 9bar to extract pure espresso.

In addition to being easy to use, this coffee machine is only 17cm high, so it doesn’t take up space at home, and it’s also very convenient to bring to a picnic or camping.

It may not be suitable as a workhorse for daily coffee making, but it is the first choice whether it is a primer for a manual espresso machine or a new toy for exploring the world of coffee.

Although it is said to avoid coffee cups at the beginning, this graduated cup is more like a measuring cup for making coffee, so it is not a foul.

The prototype of this coffee cup is the “Multi-ccino Mug” co-operated by the MOMA Museum and the New York School of Visual Arts. Compared with the original price of nearly 200 yuan, this one is much more accessible to the people (if you want to buy the original version, you can directly search for “Multi-ccino Mug”. -ccino Mug”).

The biggest feature of this coffee cup is that it comes with a “making guide” on the cup. You can make classic coffee including American, latte, flat white, cappuccino, measuring cup and drinking cup according to the marked scale. In one, it is very suitable for coffee novices.

In addition, the cup itself is also not lacking in bright spots.

430ml large capacity, you don’t need to be careful when adding ice, and the handle is curved enough to be comfortable to hold. Made of high borosilicate glass, it is not afraid of sudden cooling and heating, and it is no problem to enter the microwave oven.

One thing I didn’t realize before I started making coffee frequently is the use of brushes.

Cleaning the inner compartment of the grinder, cleaning the handle of the coffee machine, cleaning the chassis of the electric hand coffee grinder, cleaning the electronic scale and occasionally scattered coffee powder on the countertop, all need to use a brush.

I recommend this old German professional cleaning tool Redecker with a history of nearly 100 years. The brand is especially good at making hand-made brushes. It has recommended its laundry brushes before.

This coffee brush features boar bristle bristles that are thick and durable enough to soak in water. Because there is almost no static electricity, it is suitable for cleaning powder residue.

There are two types of bevel and long bristles. The bevel version is more suitable for espresso machines. It is used to clean the inside of the handle and the inside of the brewing head. If you usually use hand brewing, you can choose the long bristles. The bristles are longer, which is suitable for Clean the inner compartment of the electric hand coffee grinder.

Although I bought a lot of cups, the most commonly used water in summer is a 500ml Mason jar. It’s big enough, it’s refreshing to drink water and make ice American, and it has its own scale. It is also convenient to add water when making coffee with coffee liquid.

If I have to talk about the shortcomings, after all, it is made of glass. It will be hot to hold hot water, and the surface will be slightly watery after adding ice. Of course, these problems will be solved by switching to a mug, but you can also change your mind and add a cover to the mug.

Eco-man and this one are made of top-layer cowhide, with brass hardware, and the color and tone are full of retro. The Japanese word buckle design can adjust the size appropriately, and the cup can be adapted to any size.

However, the diameters of the cups of different capacities of Mason jars are quite different. If you are uneasy, you can consult the store owner before purchasing. This one is available in three sizes, large, medium and small, and also provides customization services. It is also very good to see the customized River accompanying cups provided by the store.

I have been using a filter paper storage box that is sucked on the refrigerator. The advantage is that it saves space and does not occupy the desktop. However, the texture of the plastic material is slightly poor, and the dark gray color matching, a little gray will appear very dirty.

Jiutu is a classic in the filter paper storage box. It is made of solid wood and has no texture. What’s even better is that it is not easy to get dirty.

The closed design is dust-proof and moisture-proof, and the rotating inner core is also very convenient to take and place. There is also a transparent part on the surface, so that we can keep an eye on the remaining filter paper at any time, so that it can be replenished in time.

Although it will take up space on the desktop, from another angle, maybe what we need to do is to save space in other areas to place more coffee utensils.

I’ve always wanted to buy a coffee-themed phone case, but I have no choice but to play word games like “My American Style”, or even the English of iced latte is wrong (what the hell is latte iced coffee) , I really can’t let it go.

Until I saw this Nocoque. Not only does the theme of Geisha coffee beans directly hit me, who loves hand-brewing, but the slogan “Life is too short for bad coffee” is also a rare theme with attitude among similar products, and even more rare, it happens to be my attitude: Life is too short, why drink bad coffee?

Work is also online. Reinforced corners + electroplated buttons, and the surface is also dust-proof and anti-fingerprint treated. And looking at the buyer’s message, the coffee beans in the pattern are also printed with a convex and concave feeling, and the texture is good.

It is worth mentioning that this model adopts the independent design of the back cover and the frame, and the frame can be replaced separately when the frame turns yellow, so that the life of the mobile phone case is longer.

As an alcoholic who loves coffee, this coffee liqueur is like something that only appears in a dream. After all, how many chances do you have to experience the ecstasy of two chefs in your life for decades?

Although it is a liqueur, Mr.Black’s sugar is directly halved. The ingredient list is also very simple, except for water and alcohol, it is cold brew coffee made from Arabica coffee beans. The degree is not high, only 25% VOL, you can drink it with ice alone, or you can use it to make various coffee cocktails.

For example, 60ml of liqueur and 30ml of espresso, add ice, shake well and filter out, it is a cup of coffee martini that is half sober and half drunk.

An interesting detail is that there is a hidden cartoon inside the bottle body of each bottle of liqueur, which will appear halfway through the drink, which is very interesting and valuable.

While you can now find most of what you know about coffee on video sites, books are still one of the best tools if you want to understand coffee systematically.

For example, this “Coffee Dictionary A-Z”.

From three-time British Barista Champion MAXWELL COLONNA-DASHWOOD, your coffee questions are answered here:

What does a brew ratio of 50% mean?

In addition to the one-way exhaust valve, how does the material inside the bag and the filling gas affect storage?

Why does the same Ethiopian bean taste different every time I buy it?

Does Fair Trade Really Make Sense for Cafes?

Because it is in the form of a dictionary sorted alphabetically, the best way to use it is to “look up the dictionary” according to the topic of interest. Of course, you can also look at which page you turn to, just like me, each entry is not long, but It can also analyze the coffee issues that are common but difficult to explain clearly, and the reading experience is very pleasant.

The last one is reserved for candles. What attracts me about COTTEE is not only that it comes from a man who has been running a coffee accessories shop for ten years, but also the original intention of the creator.

According to the creator, when running a coffee shop, old customers often say that in addition to drinking coffee, they prefer a place with a little sound and a good smell, which is lively and warm. The original intention of this candle is not so much to restore the taste of coffee, but to remind you of the coffee shop you often go to.

So, you’ll smell coffee, and you’ll smell Baileys, chocolate chips, croissants, and even wood cabinets. COTTEE also sent the electric hand coffee grinder and coffee beans to the cooperative Firmenich laboratory in order to extract the aroma of freshly ground coffee with a high degree of reduction.

Another plus point is the small size of 100g, which is also very convenient to carry when traveling or traveling. The cover can also be used to extinguish candles directly, and it can also be used to prevent dust when not in use, which makes people feel good.

That’s it for today’s article.

Over the past year, coffee has appeared less and less in my conversations with others, but the amount of coffee I consume per day has gone from one cup to two.

Sometimes I ask myself: Is it love? Or is it just needed? But on second thought, people who don’t love probably won’t be bothered by this problem.

So yes, I love coffee and hope you do too.